Useful tips

You can find the documentation provided by the SDMX Technical Working Group here.

The SDMX Technical Working Group has published content-oriented guidelines for the SDMX 2.1 RESTful API.

If the documentation does not contain the information you require, or if you have any general comments or feedback regarding our web service, please contact us.

The SDMX Connectors project provides a set of end-user plug-ins for popular data analysis tools, and can also be used to access the ECB web service.

All sample queries in this tutorial can also be executed using command line tools such as curl or wget:

wget -O data.xml \ --header="Accept:application/vnd.sdmx.structurespecificdata+xml;version=2.1" \

curl -k -o data.xml \ --header "Accept:application/vnd.sdmx.structurespecificdata+xml;version=2.1" \