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Special purpose entities (SPEs) vary greatly in relevance across euro area countries. By the end of 2023, they accounted for approximately 11% of euro area external assets and liabilities, playing the greatest role in Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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30 April 2024

Understanding the relevance of special purpose entities across the euro area

Discover how special purpose entities (SPEs) are impacting the cross-border financial linkages of the euro area. Our latest blog post provides insights into the relevance of special purpose entities across euro area countries.
Bank office
16 February 2024

The changing landscape of bank offices in the euro area

The numbers of bank offices and employees have significantly declined since 2008, with variations across countries. Our structural financial indicators reveal these trends and offer additional insights.
Image - government statistics
20 November 2023

Shedding further light on EU public debt

New dataset breakdowns provide more granular information on government loans, currency and deposits. These liabilities, which come on top of bonds and other securities, amount to roughly 16% of euro area GDP.
Contactless payments
16 November 2023

Contactless payments in the euro area

The ECB monitors developments in the euro area payments market. By analysing payments statistics, the ECB also identifies the latest trends, such as the growing use of contactless card payments.
Cost of borrowing households
26 September 2023

Comparing bank interest rates across countries

Countries offer different interest rates for housing loans, contributing to inaccuracy when comparing interest rates for the same type of loan. To better reflect the market reality, the ECB devised cost of borrowing indicators.
16 August 2023

Rebound in short-term debt securities issuance

Issuers of debt securities in the euro area have recently adjusted their financing choices in favour of securities with shorter maturities.

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