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Interest rates


In July 2023, bank interest rates for house purchases in the euro area averaged 3.75%, ranging from 2.20% in Malta to 5.72% in Estonia. These data come from the composite cost-of-borrowing indicators, which allow cross-country comparability of bank interest rates.

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Cost of borrowing households
26 September 2023

Comparing bank interest rates across countries

Countries offer different interest rates for housing loans, contributing to inaccuracy when comparing interest rates for the same type of loan. To better reflect the market reality, the ECB devised cost of borrowing indicators.
16 August 2023

Rebound in short-term debt securities issuance

Issuers of debt securities in the euro area have recently adjusted their financing choices in favour of securities with shorter maturities.
5 July 2023

Economic conditions of euro area households

A sound understanding of the economic conditions of euro area households is an essential input in the ECB’s monetary policy decisions. From a macroeconomic perspective, the “Household sector report” contains a wealth of information for both euro area countries and all other EU members.
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23 June 2023

ECB Data Portal is live now

The ECB Data Portal is now the official source for data disseminated by the ECB. Via the new portal, you will be able to access data and statistics in a more intuitive and user-friendly way.
10 August 2022

COVID and current account balances in the euro area

In most euro area countries, trade in goods and services fell significantly in 2020 and current account balances responded strongly to the changing economic and social environments.
20 October 2021

Growth in loans to households continues to increase steadily

The growth rate of lending to households has gradually increased to reach a high of 4.2% in August 2021. The euro area bank interest rate on loans for house purchase has moved steadily downwards and the rate at which house prices grew also increased.

ECB Data Portal is live now

The new ECB Data Portal aims to publish data and statistics in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. Several new features have been introduced to make it easier to discover, find, visualise, analyse and re-use data.
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