What is the ECB Data Portal?

The ECB Data Portal is the European Central Bank’s online delivery service for statistical data and related metadata and publications. It is intended for a wide range of users of official ECB statistics, ranging from one-time visitors searching for a specific current statistic or a single data series, to more frequent users such as market participants, journalists, analysts and researchers.

Watch our new video tutorials to get familiar with the ECB Data Portal's features and functionalities. 

The ECB Data Portal tutorial

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The website features robust and simple-to-use interfaces that allow you to quickly find, display, modify, visualise and download official ECB data, including in some cases national breakdowns and counterpart areas. The ECB Data Portal provides the following functionalities:

  • Interactive charts, dashboards and tools, including data customisation and comparison;
  • A powerful search engine and various ways to browse and find statistical data;
  • Personal accounts with features such as notifications and saving favourite data;
  • Consolidation of and ease of access to ECB statistical methods, publications and blog posts.

Overview of the ECB Data Portal's sections

Please find an overview and breakdown of each section on the ECB Data Portal explained in the articles below.