XML schemas can be used to validate SDMX-ML Structure Specific Data messages and can be retrieved using the query string below.


Syntax definition


As of 28 January 2021 the web service is available only over https. http calls made via a browser will be automatically redirected to https.


The web service entry point is available at the following location:


The resource for schema queries is schema

context (Applying the right constraints)

The context determines the constraints that need to be taken into account when generating the schema.

Possible values are:

  • datastructure: constraints attached to the DSD will be used in the schema.

  • dataflow: constraints attached to the Dataflow and to the DSD referenced by the Dataflow will be used in the schema.

  • provisionagreement: constraints attached to the provision agreement, the Dataflow referenced by the agreement and to the DSD referenced by the Dataflow will be available in the schema.

agencyID (Identifying the maintainer)

The identifier of the maintainer of the context.

resourceID (Identifying the artefact)

The identifier of the context, such as EXR for the Dataflow about exchange rates maintained by the ECB.

version (Getting the right version)

The version of the context to be returned. When the version number is not supplied, the latest version is returned.


Retrieve the XML schema that defines the validation rules for data structured according to version 1.0 of the ECB_EXR1 DSD maintained by the ECB

wget -O s.xsd --header 'authorization: Basic ZXV1c2VybmFtZTpwYXNzd29yZA=='