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Data presentation - Summary description

he Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS), collected on a security-by-security basis, provide information on securities held by selected categories of euro area investors, broken down by instrument type, issuer country and further classifications.

The SHS data set has been replaced by the SHSS data set as of June 2022.

Reference area coverage

Euro area

Time coverage

These statistics are available as from reference period 2013-Q4

Methodological information
Source data type

Holdings data are collected on a security-by-security level (based on Regulation ECB/2012/24), and subsequently merged with the Centralised Securities Database to complete the data set with additional attributes referring to individual securities and their issuers. 

Data collection method

For certain sectors, data are collected directly from investors (mainly Monetary Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, Financial Vehicle Corporations, Insurance Corporations as from 2016-Q1). For other sectors, data are collected via custodians. Some national particularities may apply.

Time period

These statistics are available as from reference period 2013-Q4

Frequency of data collection


Statistical concepts and definitions

For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the SHS underlying DSD (ECB_SHS6) maintained by the ECB.

Administrative Information

Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS)

Data source

European Central Bank

Comparability - over time

As from 2016-Q1, some countries have introduced direct reporting by insurance corporations in place of custodian reporting so far. The most prominent break in the time series due to this change refers to euro area insurance corporations’ holdings of investment fund shares/units issued in Great Britain.


The data are released around 3 ½ months after the end of the reference quarter

Dissemination format

SHS data are disseminated as time series. The SHS series keys are 20 dimensions long, each dimension being separated by a dot:

 1 Dataset: SHS 

 2 Frequency: Q (quarterly) 

 3 Holder area: I8 (euro area 19) 

 4 Issuer area, e.g. W0 (World), DE (Germany) 

 5 Holder sector, e.g. S1ZK (Total economy, excluding central banks), S12P (Other financial intermediaries) 

 6 Issuer sector, e.g. S1 (Total economy), S125 (Other financial intermediaries) 

 7 Functional category: _X (unspecified) 

 8 Stocks/transactions/other flows: LE (positions) 

 9 Instrument classification, e.g. F3 (debt securities) 

 10 Original maturity, e.g. L (long term) 

 11 Unit measure: EUR (euro) 

 12 Valuation: M (market value) 

 13 Security type: A (all) 

 14 Macro-adjustment flag: A (all) 

 15 Is in EADB: A (all) 

 16 Asset securitisation type: _X (unspecified) 

 17 Debt type: _X (unspecified) 

 18 Third party holdings flag: V (holdings reported by the country of the holder and third party holdings) 

 19 Nominal currency of the security: _T (all currencies of denomination) 

 20 Compiling organisation: ZZZ (all reporting entities) 

 Example: The series key of the holdings by Insurance Corporations and Pension Funds resident in the euro area of long term debt securities issued by Austrian Monetary financial institutions is: 


Technical Information

Download the series catalogue containing a full list of series and associated metadata of the dataset SHS in CSV format (zipped)

Dataset last update
1 June 2022 14:49 CEST
Metadata last update
10 November 2022 11:04 CET