Searching for multiple series keys simultaneously

You can search for multiple series keys at the same time on the ECB Data Portal with the OR operator. Include a list of your series keys separated with "OR" to return exact matches for all series keys.

For example, you can specify a number of series keys in your search.

MIR.M.U2.B.L21.A.R.A.2250.EUR.N OR

MIR.M.U2.B.A2B.A.R.A.2250.EUR.N OR


Alternatively, you can also include wildcards (*) in the list of series keys you are looking for. Please see the following example.

MIR.M.*.B.L21.A.R.A.2250.EUR.N OR

MIR.M.*.B.A2B.A.R.A.2250.EUR.N OR


To learn more about the wildcards you can use on the ECB Data Portal, please see Can I use wildcards in the search function?.