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Data presentation - Summary description

Estimates of the over/undervaluation of residential property prices in selected EU countries are based on four different valuation methods: price-to-rent ratio, price-to-income ratio and two model-based methods (for details, see Box 3 in Financial Stability Review , ECB, June 2011 and/or Box 3 in Financial Stability Review, ECB, November 2015).

Methodological information
Time period

2007 - previous calendar year for the annual series, 2007Q1 - two quarters before the current quarter for the quarterly series

Statistical concepts and definitions

For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the RESV underlying DSD (ECB_RES1) maintained by the ECB.


Starting in the 2019Q4 vintage, the valuation estimates based on the inverted demand model include real housing capital stock as an additional input variable for BE, EE, IE, GR, ES, CY, LV, LI, MT, PT, SI and SK.

Administrative Information

RESV - Real Estate Statistics - Residential Property Valuation

Data source

European Central Bank

Technical Information

Download the series catalogue containing a full list of series and associated metadata of the dataset RESV in CSV format (zipped)

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13 May 2024 12:25 CEST
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