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Data presentation - Summary description

EU MFI population statistics (based on List of MFIs)

Data presentation - Detailed description

Statistics on EU population of MFIs - number at end-month covering: (1) demographic changes (new/deleted MFIs) (2) attribute changes (modifications to locational characteristics) (3) foreign status data (branches)


Note: The Number of MFIs at the end of the month are reported in the tables with data type "Outstanding amounts at the end of the period (stock)". The Demographic changes (new/closed/deleted MFIs) are reported in tables with data type "Financial transactions (flows)".

Statistical population

EU Monetary Financial Institutions

Reference area coverage

EU 28

Sector coverage

ESA 2010: European Standard on institutional sector classification

S.121 - Central Banks

S.122 - Deposit-taking corporations except the central bank 

S.123 - Money Market Funds (MMFs)

Time coverage

January 1999 - ongoing

Methodological information
Source data type

National master data collected from EU 28 NCBs

Time period


Time period - collection


Frequency of data collection

Ad hoc (upon occurrence of event); Daily

Statistical concepts and definitions

For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the MFI underlying DSD (ECB_MFI1) maintained by the ECB.

Statistical unit

MFIs population statistics

Statistical processing
Data compilation

Aggregation: by each country; by euro area/non-euro area; by each category


No adjustments

Data revision - policy

Revisions to published historical reference periods are not available

Administrative Information

MFI - List of Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs) 

Data source

ECB - Register of Institutions and Affiliates Data (RIAD)

Quality management - quality assurance

Logical and plausibility checking


Publication on 1st day after end of refernce month

Release policy

Data are disseminated to the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse end-monthly.

Dissemination format - news release

Press release at beginning of each year (January) to announce new changes

Dissemination format - publications
Technical Information

Download the series catalogue containing a full list of series and associated metadata of the dataset MFI in CSV format (zipped)

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7 June 2024 14:06 CEST
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7 September 2022 12:17 CEST