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Data presentation - Summary description

The IDCS dataset covers publicly available selected sector accounts data as published by Eurostat, OECD and the UN. 

It is a result of a regular data exchange set up by the International Data Cooperation (IDC) initiative under the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics (IAG) chaired by the IMF. The aim is to develop a set of commonly shared principles and working arrangements for data cooperation that could be implemented by the participating International Organisations, leading to improved timeliness and accuracy of published data ( link )

Methodological information
Time period

Quarterly and annual

Statistical concepts and definitions

For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the IDCS underlying DSD (NA_SEC) maintained by the ESTAT.

Statistical unit

National currency


Market prices

Statistical processing

Not adjusted; calendar and seasonally adjusted

Administrative Information

IDCS - Sector accounts in the International Data Cooperation TF context

Contact organisation

European Central Bank

Documentation on methodology
Technical Information

Download the series catalogue containing a full list of series and associated metadata of the dataset IDCS in CSV format (zipped)

Dataset last update
24 May 2024 12:00 CEST
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28 April 2023 16:54 CEST