The Securities Holdings Statistics by Sector (SHSS) data, collected on a security-by-security basis, provide information on securities held by euro area resident sectors, broken down by instrument type, holder country and further classifications.

SHSS series are compiled starting from reference period 2021-Q1. Less detailed aggregates at euro area level are available from 2013-Q4 onwards in the discontinued SHS data set.

Statistical manuals

Holdings data are collected on a security-by-security level (based on Regulation ECB/2012/24), and subsequently merged with the Centralised Securities Database (CSDB) to complete the data set with additional attributes referring to individual securities and their issuers.

For certain sectors, data are collected directly from investors (mainly investors from the financial sector). For other sectors, data are collected via custodians. Some national particularities may apply.

The following types of series are compiled:

Positions/stocks refer to the total amount held of a security at the end of the period.

Transactions refer to sum of purchases minus sales of a security, recorded at transaction value including accrued interest.