Harmonised indices of consumer prices (HICPs) are comparable measures of changes in consumer prices. They are compiled on the basis of harmonised rules and standards, in particular regarding the coverage of goods and services and the treatment of price observations.

HICPs are produced on a monthly basis for all EU Member States as well as for Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The ECB uses them for assessing price stability.

The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) for the euro area is published by the European Commission (Eurostat) and generally available from 1996 onwards. Euro area results are obtained by aggregating indices for individual countries.

The HICP is broken down following the European classification of individual consumption according to purpose (ECOICOP) and by goods and services special aggregates derived from it. The HICP covers monetary expenditure on final consumption by resident and non-resident households on the economic territory of the euro area. The seasonally adjusted HICP data are compiled by the ECB.

HICPs measure changes in prices of goods and services covered by final household monetary consumption expenditure, including all indirect taxes paid by consumers. HICPs have a common coverage of goods and services across countries but country specific item lists and item weights. HICPs do not cover expenditure for owner occupied housing. For items fully or partly paid or refunded by the government, HICPs include only the share that is paid by the consumer (e.g. the "out-of-the-pocket" expenditure for health services). The HICPs are classified according to the ECOICOP. Additional compiled aggregates are also published.


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