Last updated: 17 July 2024 11:00 CEST
Series key: ICP.M.PL.N.000000.4.ANR
Annual rate of change HICP - Overall index Neither seasonally nor working day adjus... Eurostat
Annual rate of chang... HICP - Overall index Neither seasonally n... Eurostat
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Additional information about the time series

The timeline shows the inflation rate measured by the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) in Poland from January 1997 to June 2024. In June 2024, the HICP inflation rate in the euro area increased to 2.9 in June 2024 compared to 2.8 in May 2024.

Inflation is the general increase in the overall price level of goods and services typically bought by households (citizens). It is measured as the average price change over a given period of time for a basket of goods and services that are typically bought in the economy. In the euro area, it is measured as changes in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) compared with the same period one year earlier (“year-on-year” changes). The HICP is broken down following the European classification of individual consumption according to purpose (ECOICOP) and by goods and services aggregates derived from it.